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Author Archives: Peter Nosalik

Peter Nosalik has a Masters degree in English literature with a focus on classroom use of folk tales from around the world. He has been developing educational materials for 22 years with a primary focus on art and kinesthetic learning techniques across the curriculum. Peter has toured schools across the country and around the world, working with teachers to develop materials that specifically address their classroom needs. Peter leads the product development team at <a href="">Roylco Limited</a> in Waterloo, Ontario. You can follow Peter on twitter <a href="">here</a>.

4 Ways To Bring Exercise Into The Classroom

Classroom exercise can be a source of joy for both students and teachers, but to fit exercise into an already stressed schedule, it needs to have clear objectives and measurable results. Many teachers feel uncomfortable about implementing an exercise program because they don't have confidence in their own knowledge and skills. With that said, the benefits far outweigh the challenges—...

Posted by Peter Nosalik in Teacher, General

6 Simple Holiday Crafts for Students

Celebrating the season doesn't mean just focusing on Christmas. You can create inclusive crafts that all of your students will love to make. Here are six suggestions for fun art projects that are open ended enough to relate to Christmas, Diwali, Kwanza, New Years or just the first snowfall! #1 - SNOWFLAKES Snow is magical for children, so celebrate the season ...

Posted by Peter Nosalik in Teacher, General

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