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Author Archives: Learning Resources

Ready, Set, Code!

Say hello to the new Code & Go™ Robot Mouse Activity Set–designed to help kids start learning important skills like coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and more. This innovative set is one of the many Learning Resources STEM products that are created to deliver breakthroughs in understanding and prepare kids for brighter futures. Get Started Pick an activity card ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Grandparent, Parent, Teacher, General

Manipulative-Based Activities That Engage Young Readers

Activity 1: Early Literacy & Phonemic Awareness Segmenting Words into Phonemes | Grades K - 1 A strong ability to orally segment whole words into individual sounds (or phonemes) helps children later on when they begin to decode words in text. Try It! Alphabet Center Pocket Chart Using picture cards in a pocket chart as prompts, children in a literacy center recite the ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Teacher, General

Help ELLs Navigate Classroom Learning

How can you best provide ELLs with the information they need to understand the main points of a lesson? Most ELLs have the higher-order thinking skills and ability levels necessary to participate in a lesson, but may be held back by limited language proficiency, lack of confidence or fear of making mistakes. Teachers are always challenged to find creative and ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Teacher, General

Using Manipulatives for Reading Intervention

You know manipulatives are an effective teaching tool.  The exciting news is that they’re not just for math any more.  Reading Rods are manipulatives that integrate colours, sounds, shapes and patterns so students can grasp everything from letter-sound correspondence to abstract grammatical concepts in their hands, and their minds.  Reading manipulatives cater to multiple learning styles, link the abstract ...

Posted by Learning Resources in Teacher

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