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Author Archives: Joleen Dilk Salyn

Joleen is an independent certified pediatric sleep consultant, and founder of Baby Sleep 101. She received her extensive training from the Family Sleep Institute and also holds a Bachelor of Education and a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education. She is also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and is a mother of two wonderful children; ages 1 and 3.

How sleep loss impacts a student's ability to learn

It’s a scene teachers are all too familiar with: children yawning profusely during morning lessons, eye rubbing, heads down on their desk, lethargic and grumpy as the day wears on. Although it’s easy to shrug off as a student having a bad day, chronically tired students is an increasing problem in classrooms across the country. In our culture, ...

Posted by Joleen Dilk Salyn in Parent, General

Zzz's Please!: 5 Fundamentals to Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight (Part 1)

Parents, are you tired of being tired due to your children’s poor sleep habits?     Take heart, there’s hope this year! The following advice is meant for you to start 2014 off right: 1. Implement and Maintain a Regular Routine Often the holidays throw our children's sleep off track, but once you're home and settled, it's important to have a consistent ...

Posted by Joleen Dilk Salyn in Parent, General

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