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  • Hand-Me-Downs Ebook

    Hand-Me-Downs Ebook

    This one-page read-and-understand story tells how Ginny gets pieces of hand-me-down clothing from her cousin Peggy and wishes for new things.


    Members pay $4.85

  • How to Tell a Legend Ebook

    How to Tell a Legend Ebook

    A legend is a story about a hero, a people, or a natural phenomena. Popular legends include King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Blackbeard, and Robin Hood.


    Members pay $26.64

  • Happy Birthday Bake Shop Bulletin Board Set

    Happy Birthday Bake Shop Bulletin Board Set

    This happy baker and dozens of whimsical cupcakes are ready to celebrate all occasions! Use the decorative cake stand to teach students the months of the year, while acknowledging their birthdays and other accomplishments on the delectable desserts. What a treat to have your name attached to a jazzy cupcake! Includes 93 pieces: 3piece baker, 38 cupcakes, 38 name tags, 12 monthly headers, cake plate, and a Happy Birthday header. Baker with hat measures 36" tall. Use the upper body without the legs piece for a 24" display.

    Ideal for teaching:
    PreKindergarten to 3rd Grade
    Ages 3 to 9


    Members pay $6.00

  • What Is It? Ebook

    What Is It? Ebook

    Four pages of activities about the sun, the moon, the stars, and the constellations


    Members pay $3.77

  • 6 Uncoated Foam Ball

    6 Uncoated Foam Ball

    Uncoated Foam Balls are ideal for all levels of play. Soft and safe balls can be thrown or batted around the room without concern. Colours may vary. 6" diameter.


    Members pay $7.19

  • Brilliant Birthday Sparkle Stickers

    Brilliant Birthday Sparkle Stickers


    Members pay $2.69

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