5 Creative Products for Indoor Fun

Posted by Scholar's Choice in Parent, General

All parents know that kids are happiest when they're playing outdoors. Unfortunately for them, and us, spring weather does not always cooperate. You may be up for splashing in the puddles, but for the days you would rather stay dry, check out our top 5 creative products for indoor fun. After all, a rainy forecast is never a pain when you ...

Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About British Columbia

Posted by Scholar's Choice in General

British Columbia, is the western most Canadian province and was made a province July 20th 1871. It's largest city is Vancouver, which is home to HALF of the population of the entire province, but B.C.'s capital city is Victoria, named after Queen Victoria. Let's learn about Canada's west coast! Fun Facts About British Columbia The world's largest totem pole ...

Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Alberta

Posted by Scholar's Choice in General

Next up on our Happy Birthday Canada series is Alberta! Formerly a district of the Northwest Territories, Alberta was founded as a province in September 1905! The capital city of Alberta is Edmonton but its largest city is Calgary. But you probably already knew that. Here are some facts you may not have known! Fun Facts About Alberta The term "trick ...

Messy Play: Mud, Powder & Paint

Posted by TTS in Teacher, General

A quality messy play environment provides lots of opportunities to explore the senses, experiment, develop physically and provides reasons to work together and communicate. It is also a great way for children to unlock their imaginations, as there are no prescriptive end goals making it an open-ended way to play and learn. As many practitioners know, the word ‘messy’ can ...

Happy Birthday Canada, 12 Fun Facts!

Posted by Scholar's Choice in General

As you may have heard, 2017 marks the 150th "birthday" of Canada as a nation! Scholar's Choice has decided to commemorate this momentous event the only way we know how: by making learning fun with some fun facts about Canada, its Provinces and Territories! Ready to learn about the land of the "true north strong and free"? Fun Facts About Canada ...

6 Manipulatives, 15 Classroom Ideas

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Teacher, General

Kids learn by doing, which is why manipulatives are perfect tools for teaching and reinforcing concepts. They are useful for hands-on, small group activities; and for letting students explore and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. Here are 6 manipulatives we love, and 15 ideas for using them in your classroom: (Side note- if you are interested in any of the manips mentioned, ...

The Art of Hygge (And 5 Simple Ways to Achieve It)

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in General

the art of hygge. While there is no actual English word that directly translates hygge (pronounced hooga), it can be described as creating a warm atmosphere, embracing joy in simplicity, and spending time with good company. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Who wouldn't enjoy a little hygge in their life. With the cold temperatures and shorter days, now is the perfect ...

Science-Fair Fun

Posted by The Scholar's Choice Team in Grandparent, Parent, General

Is your child's science-fair on the horizon? While the thought of a science fair project might not sound like alot of fun to some, remember that science-fair projects are meant to engage kids in topics they care about, in new and fun ways! Here are 9 tips to help your children get the most out of their projects! Advice for kids ...

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