Crafts Your Grandchildren Will Love

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When your grandchild comes to visit, you want to make sure you prepare activities for the two of you to do together ahead of time. We know it's sometimes not easy, so we're here to help with that and created the "Ultimate Arts & Crafts Kit" for you.

Essentially, we have come up with multiple crafts that you can do with minimal materials. The best part? You can gather the materials in advance and prepare each craft individually in snack bags! So now you can pull out a craft whenever you'd like!

Caterpillar PomPom Craft Pompom Caterpillar Craft Materials: 1 Clothes pin 4-5 Medium Sized Pom Poms 2 Googly Eyes
Instructions: On the top of the clothespin, put a line of glue. Allow your grandchild to then put their pompoms in line. Next, glue the googly eyes on the first pompom. Voila! Your grandchild now has a caterpillar they can clip anywhere they'd like!

Pipe Cleaner Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Chameleon Materials: 8 Pipe Cleaners in a variety of colours 2 Googly Eyes 4 Pompoms

Directions: To make the head, make a loop at the top of the pipe cleaner and wrap some of the pipe cleaner around it. To make the body, wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger. Slide the body onto the pipe cleaner. To make the legs, cut a pipe cleaner into 4's. Curve two pieces. Put the two pieces in the body and then attach an eye.

Dragonfly Pipe Cleaner Pipe Cleaner & Clothespin Dragonfly Materials 1 Clothes Pins 2 Pipe-cleaners 2 Googly Eyes
Instructions: Make your two pipe cleaners into a crazy 8 pattern. Then open the clothespin and clamp the middles of the pipe cleaners into the clothespin. Now put the eyes on your dragonfly and decorate your dragonfly!

Popsicle Stick Monsters Craft Stick Monsters Materials: 18 Coloured Craft Sticks 12 Googly Eyes Squares of Construction Paper: These are used for teeth and accents.
Instructions: Glue your desired amount of craft sticks in a row. Since we had smaller craft sticks, we opted for 12. Once you have your craft sticks glued together, allow your grandchild to decorate their monster however they'd like.

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