Happy Birthday Canada: 10 Fun Facts About Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia, like New Brunswick Ontario and Quebec, is one of the original Confederation provinces that formed Canada in 1867. Nova Scotia has a rich cultural connection to Ireland and Scotland, and so its name in Latin means "New Scotland".

Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada and also the second most densely populated with most Nova Scotians residing in its capital, Halifax.

Now that we know a little more about Nova Scotia, let's get to the fun facts!

Fun Facts About Nova Scotia

  • Charles Fenerty, a poet from Halifax was the first person to use wood fibres to make paper. He started experimenting in 1839 and produced paper from wood pulp in 1841.
  • The Old Town Clock, a famous landmark, has been keeping time since 1803!
  • Old Town Clock

  • The Titanic struck an iceberg 700 miles east of Halifax in 1942. Survivors and victims were transported to New York City and Halifax, where there is a permanent museum to the tragedy!
  • There are approximately 2000 speakers of Gaelic in Nova Scotia, 300 of which consider the language their mother tongue!
  • Halifax has the second largest ice free natural harbour in the world, after Sydney Australia.
  • Nova Scotian's are affectionately called "Bluenosers". This nick name was originally given to Nova Scotian British troops occupying New York and Boston during the American Revolution.
  • You may recognize Nova Scotia's flag but did you know that it wasn't made the official flag until 2014? It was never sworn in until a young girl doing a project discovered it wasn't sworn in and brought it to the governments attention!
  • Nova Scotian Flag

  • The famous racing and fishing ship the Bluenose Schooner was built in Nova Scotia in 1921.
  • Halifax is closer to Dublin, Ireland than it is to Victoria, B.C.
  • Citadel Hill is the most visited National Historic Sites in Canada to date.
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    Comment below with your favourite fact or share one that you love that we missed! Up next: Ontario!

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