Family Road Trip Essentials

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You're planning a vacation with your family and already dreading the car ride. While we can't guarantee your child will avoid asking you "are we there yet?", we can give you suggestions to make it asked less frequently and to make your car ride a bit more bearable.

Single Player Travel Games

Single player games and toys for kids

When you are considering games for the car, you want ones that can be easily stored, will not lose pieces and will help your child gain valuable skills. We suggest games such as IQ Busters Chroma Puzzle, Kanoodle, Rush Hour, and Find It. Many single player games challenge your child's visual discrimination skills, cognitive skills and fine motor skills. So whether you have an only child or you can't get everyone to agree on one game to play, single player games are a great asset to any car trip. The best part? They can even buy you some quiet time to read or gaze out the window without interruptions.

Family Travel Games

tivational Speaker and Writer When you're confined to a car for a long period of time, it can sometimes make people stir crazy. That is why we suggest playing cooperative games such as Last Mouse Lost, Spot It, Whoosit? or Hangman. Each of these games not only promote cooperative play but also are an easy way to make the time pass by more quickly.

Activity Books for the Car

motivational Speaker and Writer Though they may not be ideal for a bumpy ride, activity books are a great way to not only keep your child entertained but also to further develop some of their skills. While your child is completing an activity such as a dot to dot, maze, or colour by number, your child is learning the importance of focusing, how to count, and how to map. They will also further be enhancing their hand-eye coordination and visual skills.

Stuffed Animal

Clqp_REXIAAeDBI If you're going on a long car trip, your child can benefit from the immediate companionship offered by a stuffed animal. They can talk, cuddle, and play with their animal while the time passes by them.

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