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Go Play Outside and Get Dirty!

While technology is widely seen as a great advancement for entertainment, it has been a hindrance on outdoor play for children. With the various temptations from television to video games, going outside seems less and less appealing. This wasn’t the case years ago and according to the American Journal of Play “70 percent of the mothers reported that, as children, they played outdoors daily, and 56 percent said that when they did play outdoors they generally played for periods of three or more hours at a time”. These high numbers of individuals playing outside almost seem unbelievable when compared to the meek 31 percent of children that play outside today.

So why are our children today not playing outside?

  • Technology is more enticing.
  • Parents have more fears about allowing their children to play outside than parents in the past.
  • Children are spending more time in school and less time playing.
  • Lack of parks and local outdoor play areas.
  • The weather.

While certain factors that prevent children from playing outside can't be changed, rain shouldn't still be on the list. Just consider the Robert Munsch book Mud Puddle. This is a story that not only makes children laugh but also helps parents realize that mud can be a good thing for your child to play with.

So instead of keeping your child contained indoors, let your child play in the mud. Still unsure about letting your child get dirty?

Consider the following benefits:

  • Mud Play Builds Creativity – whether they are cooking up a mud pie or constructing a mud building, children are encouraged to explore their creative side when exposed to a pile of mud in front of them.
  • Builds a Connection with Nature- When a child is playing with mud they not only get a sense of the natural environment but also can develop a connection to nature.
  • Further Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills – While creating their masterpieces, children are constantly developing their motor skills.
  • Enhances Sensory Awareness – Whether you fell into a mud puddle or willingly played in one, you cannot deny that sensation you felt when your hands touched mud.
  • So the next time your child considers picking up a controller to play a video game or reaches for the remote to turn on the tv, consider allowing them to do something more beneficial. Besides, a little clean mud never hurt anyone, right?

    For a list of activities to do with your child involving mud, visit our Pinterest board.

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